Client Testimonials
One time in July when she was reading me, she said something about a "plane falling from the sky, and lands in the water.  No one is hurt, they are on the wings of the plane... little boats are helping them...You will either see this in person or on the news...."  I tape recorded this session!  Capt. Sullenberger was the pilot of the plane, flight 1549, that went into the Hudson on 01/15/09.  Just like she said!
E.K. Croton Point, NY

"There will be chaos & disaster close to you..."
After 911, I will never doubt Lorraine again! I made fun of her when she told me to keep a flash light and a portable radio in my desk drawer at work.  I worked across the street from the Twin Towers.  Our whole building shut down and Blacked out! The flash light and radio helped me & my colleagues get to the stair well and we got out safely.
I am very thankful for her insight !!
Rich B. New York, NY.
Remember Romeo and Juliet?  Love kills slowly!  Don't let this happen to you!  I can help!!
I couldn't BELIEVE some of the things that she told me- until they Happened!!  I'll never doubt her again!!
Anne Yonkers, NY

"You will hear from him again.  He wants you back in his life...." She said to me.   I was like , "Yeah sure, B.S."  I was broken up with this guy for a year & 1/2 and we parted on bad terms.  A month later he calls, "have dinner with me...."  We got back together just like Lorraine said we would.
Gina P. White Plains, NY
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