Ask the Cards:
About Me
Before you meet your handsome prince you need to kiss a few frogs, but don't go down to the local swamp to do it!
Consult me!  I can help you!
Using Tarot is an effective way to gain insight into yourself and to others. I have been using the Tarot since I was a teenager.
In the past, I have spent many donated hours working with police stations and investigations  searching for missing persons and providing information that will help in other cases.

Here at Ask The Cards when you purchase a reading from me you will get a genuine experience, and complete honesty.
I am very direct, and tell it like it is!
For entertainment purposes only.  Must be 18 years or older to call.  No calls will be excepted to persons under 18.  Your privacy is protected and no personal information will be given out under any circumstances or for any purposes.  All readings are confidential.